LEAP Almshouses

LEAP - Legacy East Almshouse Partnership - has been set up to provide full almshouse management services for Almshouse Charities in Essex and elsewhere. We do this with a Board of Trustees and through a network of partners. We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered with the Charity Commission, Charity Registration Number 1155672.

We can take on the trustee responsibilities from existing trustees or consider new schemes altogether. See the page Trustees Looking to Retire - click here

Learn more in the About Us page and see who are the Trustees of LEAP.

We are all passionate about the role of almshouses in a modern society. Almshouses can provide a secure home for people in the way that they have always done but with standards of accommodation that one would expect in a modern society. Almshouses can be adapted to accommodate vulnerable adults. They can be lifetime homes for people of any age. They don't have to be just for older people.

We can deal with corporate governance issues and financial management to ensure that almshouses continue to meet future needs within the context of a registered charity.

We are interested in talking to existing almshouse trustees and anyone who is involved or concerned about the provision of housing for older people and vulnerable adults as local authorities and parish councillors.

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