Trustees Looking to Retire

Many trustees of small almshouse charities find it difficult to recruit new people to replace them when they want to retire.

We offer an alternative option.  The charity can become part of LEAP, where it keeps its original name but in the form of a permanent endowment or special trust. 

In that way, its founder’s wishes and charitable purposes are retained and it becomes part of a larger charity that is managed by people who collectively have more than 100 years’ experience of running almshouses. The Trustees of LEAP are all voluntary but we do have a part-time Clerk to handle all of the paperwork and dealings with residents.

For those trustees, who want to maintain a relationship with the charity, we can create group called the Friends of ......  The Trustees look upon these Friends as local 'champions' of the residents, people they have often known for many years and can discuss the issues of the residents with us.

Please contact us to discuss this further. Click here for contact details

Also see the leaflet in pdf format below.

Peter Hill,
Dec 1, 2018, 7:51 AM