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About LEAP

LEAP - Legacy East Almshouse Partnership - is an almshouse charity (Charity Registration Number 1155672). Its purpose is simple. It exists to manage, maintain and develop new almshouses for people in need of housing.

LEAP was established in 2013 to provide for the efficient management of traditional almshouses, upgrading them where necessary to meet the requirements suited to the needs of people living there. Almshouses are not just for older people, although they often are, but can sometimes provide accommodation for people of any age, for people with disabilities or for people with the sort of infirmity that comes with age.

The trustees of LEAP are all people with considerable experience of managing almshouses and almshouse charities. We are all passionate about the history that goes with each set of almshouses and want to maintain those traditions of benevolence and charity, respect for founder’s wishes and nomination rights. We also appreciate and understand the ever-changing rules and regulations and best practices involved in providing homes for people in need.

We have worked out how we can efficiently manage a number of established almshouse charities within the overall LEAP charity. The permanent endowment associated with each charity remains intact and the assets of each permanent endowment, whether land, buildings or other wealth continue to remain as if managed by the original charity.

In 2015 we took over the management of 6 almshouse charities in Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk - for more information click here. In 2018, we added another 6 charities and more charities since which means we now manage some 50 homes. We now manage 14 charities.

Our aim is to ensure that almshouses and the principles on which they were founded continue in perpetuity. Residents of almshouses have no right to buy but can live there in security and comfort.  This is important to us.

We also aspire to build new almshouses for people in need of housing, homes that are fit for people in any age category. New almshouse schemes can be named in memory of someone local and  preference given to housing people from that locality under the principle of LOCAL HOMES for LOCAL PEOPLE.

If you and your fellow trustees are struggling with the demands of corporate governance and appropriate financial management, do talk to us. Maybe we can help. We can also administer Relief in Need and similar designated charitable funds. Give us a call to discuss.

Read the Annual Report of the LEAP Trustees of 31st December 2019 - see below

Read our 2020 Newsletter - see below

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